In a culture of mutual respect, autonomy, and teamwork;

That “work-life balance” shouldn’t be meaningless corporate jargon;

That learning opportunities keep us competitive and fulfilled;

That engaging with our community makes us healthier and happier;

That profits should never trump people.

What We Do

Metis distinguishes itself among IT consultants by combining a robust methodology with targeted, customized products and services, including enterprise application architecture development and deployment, programming, database management, mobile application development, analytics, and reporting.

Company Culture

The Metis team enjoys a comfortable working environment that is both professional and social. Our enthusiastic and collegial atmosphere inspires client and team engagement, professional development, and peer mentoring.

Work-Life Balance

At Metis, “work-life balance” isn’t just corporate jargon. We operate and live passionately by our core values of work-life balance and community engagement.

Benefits & Perks

Metis employees enjoy a wide variety of benefits and perks, including highly subsidized medical and dental insurance, free mental health services, paid maternity and paternity leave, and flexible work hours.

Community Engagement

Metis was founded on the core values of work-life balance, lifelong learning, and community engagement.  It is upon these principles we continue to develop lasting and deep relationships with our clients, co-workers, and community.

Join Our Team

Metis Consulting Group builds world-class business-to-business and consumer-facing software and database applications. If you are intrigued by the opportunity to deliver enterprise-class solutions used by thousands of people every day, we invite you to submit your resume for consideration.


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